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Brief Introduction of Mr. Philip CHUI

  • Graduated with 1st Class Honor with a major in Pure Mathematics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  •  Master Degree in Finance with a major in Risk Management from The University of Hong Kong

  • Started insurance career by joining The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd in 1986 as a Life Underwriter.

  • During his 14 years in Prudential, Philip has not only developed expertise in sales management, but also won numerous company and industry awards, which to name a few:
    • MDRT Qualifiers, GAMA Awards, for many years
    • Highest Productivity Manager Award of Prudential
    • Superstar Top Producer of Prudential and numerous production club, travel incentive awards.
    • Due to health reason, Philip chose to early retire from his selling career in 2000.

  •  Philip has been member of the Executive Committee of LUAHK,Organizing Committee of LUAHK Annual Convention for years.

  •  He has also been invited as the Moderator of LUTC,the Trainer of LUTC Moderators in LUTC Moderator Conference, platform speaker in LUAHK Annual Convention for many times.

  • In 2000, Philip accepted the position of CPD Director offered by LUAHK.

  • During his tenure, Philip has successfully prepared the industry for full compliance with the statutory CPD requirements for the licensing of the life insurance practitioners in 2002.

  • In his capacity as the education leader, Philip has also introduced many new programs to broaden the competency of LUAHK members, all of which were well-received by the participants.

  • This included the development of 7-Core Programs in legal aspects with HKU SPACE and the course development of “Basic Financial Tools for Life Practitioners” jointly organized by LUAHK and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • Philip has also conducted “Basic Financial Tools for Life Practitioners” and “Sales Clinic” for LUAHK member to enhance their professionalism.

  • Philip started his own training and consultancy business in 2002 and founded Aspire Learning, with a view to better serve practitioners in insurance and financial-planning sectors, as well as major insurance and financial / banking corporations in Hong Kong.

  • Philip’s training service covers full range of financial planning and wealth management, from selling skill, recruitment to sales management.

  • Philip has oftentimes been invited as platform speakers in many Clients Seminars for Bankers and Insurers on a wide-ranging topics.

  • Over the years, Philip has trained over 100,000 practitioners and has earned high reputation from his clients.

  • In 2010, Philip developed the first set of elearning iPhone Apps for financial planners and bankers.

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About Us

Aspire Learning Limited

Financial Planning is an ever-evolving and highly competitive business. To keep up with the changing market needs, practitioners need to stay abreast of their business skill and knowledge at all time.

Founded by Mr. Philip Chui Kin-Wah in 2002, Aspire Learning is a training and consultancy organization specialized in providing development programs for both corporate and individuals practicing in the insurance as well as financial planning sector. To facilitate its business growth and service expansion, Aspire Learning was incorporated as a limited company in 2004. For those who strive to achieve ongoing success in their career, Aspire Learning Limited as a training resource is here to serve.

Our Vision : “To Learn, To Apply, To Breakthrough and Grow”

As an organization specialized in insurance, financial planning training & consulting business, Aspire Learning is dedicated to create continuous breakthrough and professional growth of all insurance and financial practitioners in the industry. We believe in life-long learning and long term partnership with our clients in the successful pursuit of their career objective as well as business goals.

Major Milestones

"Aspire Learning" was founded

"Aspire Learning" was founded by Mr Philip Chui in Hong Kong.

Business Insurance Program

Roll out the "Business Insurance Program" enabling practitioners to effectively employ insurance policy as a funding vehicle to achieve business continuity, tax-leverage, trust funding and specific financial goals for their clients.

Aspire Learning was also incorporated as a limited company in the same year to cope with business expansion.

Launch of company website

Launch of company website with membership enrolment offering various training benefits and on-line facilities to members.

Resources Centre

Development of the "Resources Centre" providing computer generated revision programs to enhance effectiveness of individual learning particularly in skill-building.

E-learning iPhone Apps

Development of the very first series of practical e-learning iPhone Apps on skill building in selling life insurance and financial planning.

Professional Coaching Session

Professional Coaching Session: at least 1 year coaching program, for building up recruitment and selling ‘muscle memory’

E-learning platform

E-learning platform

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